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-Grout is the most delicate part of your tile job, and therefore it should be taken care of
-Part of this care includes re-sealing the grout every 1-2 years. This will vary depending on use (heavy use, once a year; light use, every 2 years). A shower, for example, would be considered heavily used. Re-sealing the grout protects it from discoloration and decay, and will make your tile last much longer.
-Clean regularly with warm water and soap (no harsh chemicals) to make the grout last. A toothbrush will get into the grout lines better than most pads or wash rags.


-Epoxy grout is slightly more expensive than standard grout, but the long-term benefits of using epoxy grout are well worth the cost, especially in kitchens and bathrooms where there is often water.
-This grout is MUCH more durable than standard grout and never needs to be sealed as it is waterproof on its own.
-All cleaning products will work and are safe to use on epoxy grout.


-The most durable and hardest tile
-This will work in any application (counters, showers, flooring, exterior)
-No exceptional care needed, it can be cleaned with nearly any type of scrub pad (excluding steel wool), and with most cleaning solvents (excluding heavy acid washes)


-Glazed Ceramic is just below Porcelain as far as durability, it is made with ceramic (a softer material), and glazed with a hard porcelain/glass-like finish
-Uses for glazed ceramic include; showers, walls, and kitchen backsplashes
-Like porcelain tile, there is no exceptional care needed. It can be cleaned with nearly any type of scrub pad (excluding steel wool), and with most cleaning solvents (excluding heavy acid washes)


-Glass Tile is very durable, it is best used on walls only (i.e. backsplashes) because it can be very slippery
-It is more expensive than other tile, but gives a very custom look, and beautiful detail to any room
-Glass tile can be cleaned with most cleaning solvents and scrub pads- you just want to be wary of damaging the grout around it


-Ceramic & Natural Stone create some of the most beautiful tiles and most custom looks, yet they also may crack, chip, or scratch much easier than porcelain or glazed ceramic. This can be remedied by sealing often, at least once a year, and protecting from heavy furniture with pads.
-Harsh chemicals and rough cleaning pads must be avoided with these type of tiles. Warm soap and water, with a wash rag will work best, and keep your tile looking good as new!
-Natural stone and ceramics can be used in any application and age quite beautifully, if cared for correctly.

Is it time to have the tile in your house resealed?

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The cost of resealing will change depending on size and condition of the tiled area.

We recommend these cleaning agents:

You will always be safe using warm water and soap on your tile and grout. If you need something to get out tougher messes- remember that the harsher the chemical you use is, the faster the seal wears away, and the sooner you can damage your tile. So always err on the gentle side of cleaning agents- especially with natural stone.


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