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Tyrone Parsons (and Banjo!)

Project Manager, Corporate Officer

Tyrone has earned his reputation as an excellent finish contractor with an eye for custom work. He started off in his teenage years working in framing, a skill that has been in his family for 3 generations, and continued to learn many other aspects of construction; concrete, plumbing, electrical, and most recently specializing in tile & stone. With 15+ years of construction experience, he has been on jobs of all sizes and types, and is well equipped to take on your project. Tyrone’s wife, Cassandra, often says he has to stay in construction forever simply because he get’s too antsy to not be working with his hands. His projects are not limited to those “on the job”. Tyrone also often takes on building projects at home, with the question “why would I buy it when I can build it?!”. These projects include bookshelves, entertainment centers, and most recently, their own home. 

Cassandra Parsons

Office Manager

Cassandra has been around construction her entire life, and even has her own fair share of experience “on the job”. Her father is a concrete contractor, who did large commercial and residential jobs all over the country. Because of this, she grew up working summers with her dad and learning how to lay footings, rebar, and float and stamp concrete. Like Tyrone, Cassandra was born into a multi-generational construction family of masons and plasterers. It seemed like the natural course of things that she ended up marrying into another family of contractors and helping Tyrone with his own construction business. Cassandra’s professional skills are mostly computer related in marketing and business management, and she can often be found drafting bids, invoices, and emails for Tyrone, who is quite the opposite of computer-minded (do you know any contractors who do like computers?).

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