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How long will it take to re-do the tile in my kitchen/bathroom, etc.?

Tile jobs can take anywhere from a few days to a few weeks depending on the size and detail of the project. When you receive our bid for the job, we will give you a detailed timeline for the job, including how long we expect the project to take. You can also expect updates on the progress of your job, we know you are excited to see the finished project! 

Where do you get your tile?

We get our tile from wherever you choose! Our recommended stores (for your convenience), include; Arizona Tile, Emser Tile, San Diego Marble & Tile, Home Depot. But before you go there- make sure you check out our Tile Tips, to help you narrow down what type of tile is the right fit for you. If you have any remaining questions, (Contact Us) and we will set up a time to come look at your job. Then, we may be able to provide some additional advice to help you decide on a particular tile.

What is the difference between standard grout and epoxy grout? Which will work better for my home?

Epoxy grout, while slightly more expensive, is significantly more durable than standard grout. It is made of a special blend of chemicals that, when combined, get very hard, very quickly. Because of this strength, epoxy grout never has to be sealed! Which grout you decide on all depends on the amount of care and upkeep you would like (or not like) for your tile. If you are tiling a countertop, it is a very good idea to use epoxy grout as they tend to get a lot of use, for other areas in the home, either standard grout with regular resealing or epoxy grout  will work.  

What is the cost difference for different types of materials?

Although prices will vary depending on color, shape, and other factors, overall- Porcelain tile tends to be the cheapest, followed closely by ceramics, then Natural Stone, with glass as the most expensive.

When can we walk on our new floor?

Tile must not have any weight on it for 12 hours after it is set. This includes walking on it, or moving furniture onto the tiled area. After grout is installed, tile must not have any weight on it for 6 hours, and must not come into contact with liquid or dirt for at least 24 hours.

Do you guarantee your work?

Depending on the options you choose for your home, we guarantee our work anywhere from 5 to 10 years.

How long will my new tile last?

We want your tile project to last the rest of your lifetime. As your tile contractor, we will make great effort to ensure that all the prep work and installation is done in such a way that your new tile will last 50 years or more!


Big or small, we are ready to start your project and help make your vision a reality. You can email or call us with any remaining questions, or to set up a FREE bid.